Fuentes, Culinary Theatre – The Only Cooking Show in Riviera Maya

Fuentes, Culinary Theatre celebrates the Closing Master Dinner with an International Chef and Sommelier invited.

$1,000.00  MXN


Winner of the 2008 Wine Spectator Award, the restaurant’s unique interactive concept allows guests to take part in every aspect of their meal—from asking the chef about cooking techniques to learning about the authentic local ingredients. Foodies can also invent their own creations at the three cooking stations—cold prep, hot dishes and the always popular, dessert station. With its high energy, expert preparation and unique dishes, Fuentes is a dining experience you won’t want tomiss.

Book with Book & Feel and enjoy the only live cooking show in Riviera Maya. 

Can´t lose their next event with Chef Kevin Fink and Wine Personality Benjamin Fine as the guests in this Closing Master Dinner this Friday, 10th of August. 

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