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Llena los campos solicitados y espera los datos de tu reserva en tu mail! Para Bookers y clientes directos, también.

Fill in the required blanks and wait for a confirmation at your email. For Bookers, or direct customers also..

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Booking agreement

  • Reservations/Deliveries upon availability.
  • The confirmation will be sent from 5 to 10 min for the restaurants in the web page so the client don´t have to wait.
  • Reservations/Delivery schedule from 9:30 am – 9:30 pm, although each restaurant has its delivery schedule mentioned on each page.
  • Reservations/Deliveries can be canceled only 10 minutes after the enquiry email is sent.
  • If a prepayment is required, the confirmation sent automatically on this site, only applies as informatics, but not as a final confirmation.
  • Book & Feel is not responsible for reservations/deliveries not previously confirmed by the system.
  • The restaurant have a 15 min tolerance until the arrival of the clients, and a 45 minutes tolerance for the delivery, as it may apply.